Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack

Train Your Ass to Accommodate Much Stretching and Filling with the Outstanding Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack
? Features three graduated plugs
? The plugs are tapered to allow easy insertion
? Flared base to prevent too deep penetration
The Liquorice Dip Butt Plug Triple Pack is designed to please the novice and allow you to gain confidence to explore the pleasures of anal sex. These plugs can also be used by experts. When inserting the plugs it is advisable to use plenty of water based lube so as to prevent unwanted friction. As a beginner, you should start with the Plus Size Corsets and Basques small plug before proceeding to the other larger plugs. When inserting the plugs, ensure to be in a relaxed or aroused mode so as to allow easy insertion
These plugs have a long neck which holds the plug in position while the wide base prevents too deep penetration. Every inch of this plug is designed to massage and stimulate all the sensitive spots in your anal canal giving you multiple orgasms.
You can choose to use the plugs with your partner or during solo play. They are also made of flexible material which is body safe
After every use, make sure to clean the plugs in warm soapy water or use your favorite toy cleaner.